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Boomerang Comics and Games proudly serves the communities of Lewisville, Flower Mound, Irving, Colony, Carrollton, and Coppell. Our costumers hail from all over the Metroplex: from Dallas to Fort Worth to Denton and from everywhere in-between. Whether you're from the fringes of the Milky Way or a short drive on MacArthur, stop by and see what we are all about! Located off of MacArthur and 3040 we're right next to Jason's Deli so stop by!

Raven #1 (of 6)

The White Carnival part 1! In a tale set between TEEN TITANS #24 and TEEN TITANS: REBIRTH #1, Raven takes a break from the team and moves to San Francisco to stay with her estranged aunt and face her most perilous challenge yet: high school! As Raven discovers more about her human side, one of her classmates goes missing under mysterious circumstances, and she must face an evil like none she's known before!

Revolution #1 (of 5)

THE REVOLUTION BEGINS! Explosions rip across the Earth-and all signs of blame point to OPTIMUS PRIME and the TRANSFORMERS! G.I. JOE refuses to go quietly-and they assemble heroes big enough to stop the invaders! ACTION MAN and M.A.S.K. fight for humanity-but where do ROM and the MICRONAUTS stand? Celebrating more than a decade of stories by IDW and HASBRO, this unprecedented bi-weekly event draws everything together-and leaves nothing standing. The REVOLUTION is here-TAKE A STAND!

Doom Patrol #1

Gerard Way (Umbrella Academy. My Chemical Romance) joins forces with artist Nick Derington to revive The Doom Patrol #1, the debut title of DC's new Young Animal line!

MTG Magic Eldritch Moon Pre-release

Eldritch Moon is the 71st MTG Magic the Gathering expansion, and the second in the Shadows over Innistrad block. It will be released on July 22, 2016. But join us for the pre-release, a week early, on July 16, 2016 at 12pm. Available in Booster Packs, Intro Packs & Fat Packs. Eldritch Moon MTG set expands its horror theme into Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror and has a total of 205 magic cards.

Special Orders!

Listen, we sold our last Mjölnir to some old dude named Odin, so you can stop asking. However, if you're looking for that special something and can't find it, not a problem! Boomerang Comics can special order most anything. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll try tracking it down. You can also check out Previews Magazine each month and tell us what you want

Pokemon GO!

Calling all Pokemon GO trainers in DFW! Your favorite comic store is now a Pokemon GO Gym! So stop by at the Boomerang arena for battling other trainers Pokemon! If its a friendly gym to your team, you can help reinforce your gym by raising its prestige points. Or if its under the control of your rival team you can chip away at the enemy's prestige, inching Boomerang Gym closer to being claimed by your team! And if its your teams color, you can leave a Pokemon behind at out gym to aid in its defense. Come play Pokemon GO at Boomerang!