We carry them all!

Boomerang Comics carries the widest variety of comics found in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Among mainstream publishers like Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Black Label, Image Comics, BOOM, Dark Horse, IDW and more, we also carry countless arrays of comics from independent and small publishers such as Zenescope, Oni Press and more. And don't forget our recent back issue and vintage toy and card section.

Subscription Service

Until cloning is approved for humans there's a good chance you're not going to make it in every week, but don't worry, Boomerang Comics has you covered! With our in-store subscription service, we will manage your custom list of comics so you'll never miss out on your favorite comic again. (Unless your evil clone steals them first.) Just be sure to drop by and we'll make sure everything is in your subscription box each week. Plus you get 10% off your comics! Drop by the shop or call to start your subscription today

  • As a subscriber you must completely clear out your subscription box at least once a month.
  • If you haven't cleared your box in one month, we reserve the right to cancel your subscription.
  • Add or drop titles any time you want, we just ask you purchase what was pulled for you.
  • Pull lists should be updated each month to include newly solicited titles and remove defunct titles.
  • Please keep your pull list current, as we order comics based off this information.
  • New books arrive on Wednesday mornings and are pulled and waiting for you at opening.
  • If you have any last minute additions contact us on Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook and we will try our best to accommodate you. However, please understand we're only human (well one of us could be Kree, who knows?) and only capable of so much.

We're always happy to let you know about the cool up-in-coming comics, should you need assistance. Boomerang Comics values your business, so if you are going to have any problems sticking to this schedule, please notify us and we can try make arrangements. Welcome to the Boomerang family. Happy reading!