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Harley Quinn & Birds of Prey - Gwen Stacy - Green Lantern Season 2!

Is it a coincidence that DC Comics is releasing a new Black Label mini- series by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti entitled Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey #1 (of 4) the week after the Birds of Prey movie is released? Probably not, but we can't blame them when the comic features the husband and wife creative team that helped make Harley one of the biggest names in comics and Pop Culture! Similar to the movie, the mini-series finds Harley returning to Gotham City for the first time since breaking up with the Joker, and he's got every super-villain in town gunning for her, with only the Birds of Prey stepping up to her defense!

Also from DC Comics, Batman: Pennyworth R.I.P. #1, The Batman's Grave #5 (of 12), Catwoman #20, DC Dollar Comic: Batman #567 (First Cassandra Cain!), Dollhouse Family #4 (of 6), Flash #88, Flash Giant #3, RWBY #5 (of 7), Supergirl #39, Superman #20, Superman: Heroes #1, Wonder Woman #751; and after taking a brief sojourn with the 3-issue Blackstars mini-series, Grant Morrison returns with Green Lantern Season 2 #1 (of 12)!

Noteworthy from Marvel Comics, after recently giving two of the women that have been important in Peter Parker's life, namely The Black Cat and Mary Jane, their own series, it was only a matter of time before Gwen Stacy #1 (of 5) was released! The days of Gwen being known only for her love affair with Peter, and subsequent death in Spider-Man's arms, are now over in this origin story that gives a look at Gwen's life before her star crossed with a certain webslinger!

Also from Marvel, Amazing Spider-Man #39, Dr Strange #3, Excalibur #7, Hawkeye: Freefall #3,Immortal Hulk #33, Iron Man 2020 #2 (of 6), Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3 (of 6), Marvels X #2 (of 6), Morbius #4, Nebula #1 (of 5), Savage Avengers #10, Spirits of Ghost Rider: Mother of Demons #1, Star Wars: Rise of Kylo Ren #3 (of 4), Thor #3, Venom #23, X-Force #7; and X-Men #6!

IDW finally releases Sonic The Hedgehog #25 and restarts one of their Marvel licensed titles with Marvel Action #1 (2020) #1!

Image Comics releases Ascender #9, Clock #2 (of 4), Moonshine #16, Sonata #8 and Tartarus #1!

And, Dark Horse Comics, has a Manga adaptation of Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs!

And our spotlight this week is Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Vol. 5 - Secret of the Petrified Tablet is a collection from the best period of Spider-Man in my opinion, the middle of the Stan Lee/John Romita run. Within these pages Spidey confronts such villains as Kingpin, Prowler, The Lizard, Man Mountain Marko, Chameleon, and many others! Plus, guest-stars include the Human Torch, Black Widow, Quicksilver and more! These stories move at a lightning pace and are some of the best Spider-Man stories you will ever read!


If this stuff isn't in your calendar it should be.

If you aren't attending at least one of our fantastic events then you aren't living life to its fullest. So, take out your favorite pen and mark your Calendars because you don't want to miss out!

Boomerang Book Club

Boomerang Book Club

The book for February is Stumptown Vol. 1 by Greg Rucka!
Dex is the proprietor of Stumptown Investigations, and a fairly talented P.I. Unfortunately, she's less adept at throwing dice than solving cases. Her recent streak has left her beyond broke she's into the Confederated Tribes of the Wind Coast for 18 large. But maybe Dex's luck is about to change. Sue-Lynne, head of the Wind Coast's casino operation, will clear Dex' debt if she can locate Sue-Lynne's missing granddaughter. But is this job Dex's way out of the hole or a shove down one much much deeper?
Join us February 25 at 7:00pm!

Every month, Boomerang Comics invites you to celebrate fantastic books with us, right here in the store! Pick up a copy of the chosen book and get it 15% off, then join us for a riveting book discussion!

Boomerang Ladies Night

Boomerang Ladies Night

Ladies, we're at the top of our games! We're right up there with the big dogs! Girls, come on, leave the geekdom to the men? I don't think so.

To celebrate being awesome immortal warriors join us at Boomerang every 3rd Monday of the month! Every month we will be planning something different so stop by the store and see what is going on this month! Eventually, we'll get Wonder Woman to stop by, but she's kind of hard to get a hold of these days. Hope to see you there, sister!

FNM at Boomerang!

FNM at Boomerang!

Join us every Friday night for Friday Night Magic MTG at 7:00pm! Call us for details on entry price and formats!

HeroClix Thursdays @ 7pm

HeroClix Thursdays @ 7pm

Boomerang Comics host tournaments Thursday nights starting at 7pm. All ages from across the universe are welcome to play; players range from spry 10 years olds to slightly less spry 46 year olds!
The basic rules are easy to learn, and we have plenty of extra superheroes and dice for anybody who wants to learn how to play. All new players will take home their very own team of awesome Heroclix superheroes courtesy of Boomerang Comics, as a thank you' for playing. Special events are sometimes held on other dates. No matter where you live, Flower Mound, Coppell or Highland Village, its just a short drive to us. Be sure to check our Facebook events page for schedule updates, and happy gaming!

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures - Wednesdays

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures - Wednesdays

Join us every Wednesday from 6-9pm as we play Star Wars X-Wing Mini's Game! Summer & Winter Leagues when prize support is provided. Stop in as much as you like and play for cool prizes! No lightsabers please, we've had a few mishaps.

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in which players take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE fighters, facing them against each other in fast-paced space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures; the X-Wing Miniatures Game recreates exciting Star Wars space combat throughout its several included scenarios. Select your crew, plan your maneuvers, and complete your mission—remember, use the force!

Check This Out!



Marvel Comics Dawn of X DX officially begins with X-Men #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu! Spiraling out of the pages of the wildly popular House of X and Powers of X mini-series, this shift in the world of the X-Men will kick start a new era for Marvel's Mighty Mutants! The first wave of Dawn of X titles will also include new stories and new line-ups for X-Force, the New Mutants, the Marauders, the Fallen Angels, and Excalibur. How does the world view Homo Superior in the wake of recent events? And will the X-Men still fight to protect even those that hate and fear them? Find out as Hickman and Yu usher in a brand new era of X-Men storytelling!



Wolverine been through a lot. He has been a loner. He has been a killer. He has been a hero. An Avenger. Has been to hell and back. Now, as the nation of Krakoa brings together all Mutantkind, he can finally be happy? With his family all together and safe, Wolverine has everything he ever wanted and everything to lose. Writer Benjamin Percy (X-FORCE, WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT) and legendary artist Adam Kubert (X-MEN, AVENGERS) bring the best there is to his new home! PLUS: The return of OMEGA RED!



A BRAND-NEW, SUPERSTAR CREATIVE TEAM (Donny Cates) TAKES THE KING OF ASGARD TO NEW REALMS OF GLORY! The prince is now a king. All Asgard lies before Thor, the God of Thunder. And after many months of war, the Ten Realms are finally at peace. But the skies above the Realm Eternal are never clear for long. The Black Winter is coming. And the God of the Storm will be powerless before it.

Magic MTG Theros Beyond Death

Magic MTG Theros Beyond Death

The Theros Beyond Death set features a new style of cards. Adventurer cards are creature cards, but each has a set of alternative characteristics in a subset frame on the left of its text box. You may cast the card as its Adventure if you do, you can cast it as a creature later. Magic the Gathering in Lewisville is here at Boomerang.
Available in Booster Packs, Planeswalker Decks and Bundles that are great for building our your collection!

Dungeons & Dragons League

Dungeons & Dragons League

Join us at Boomerang as we role our favorite characters in monthly D&D campaigns!
We meet Saturdays 1-2 times a month to play Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons! Contact or stop by the store for details. We also carry the full line of 5th Edition Dungeon and Dragons Rule Books, adventure books, miniatures and paint supplies! Everything from the Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, Monster Manual, Starter Sets, Spell Cards, Dice and Dice sets and all the minis from D&D and Pathfinder!

Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield

Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield

The Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Sword and Shield includes over 230 cards, 8 brand-new TAG TEAM Pokemon-GX, 9 more Pokemon-GX and more than 25 Trainer cards and 2 new Special Energy cards!
Boomerang will have plenty of booster packs, booster and battle boxes, theme decks, Elite Trainers and launch box!



Boomerang is now buying back issues and collections of modern and vintage toys, comics, and both new and second-hand pop culture collectibles! Bring in all of your packaged or loose action figures (the older the better). Retro toys such as Star Wars, Star Trek, ThunderCats, Masters of the Universe, GI Joe, Transformers, DC Super Powers and Marvel action figures. Also looking for vintage comics including silver age, bronze age, current Marvel, DC Comics. No collection is too large or small.
We offer FREE in-store appraisals of comic book & toy collections.

New This Week!

DC Comics

Batman And The Outsiders #10 (2019)

Batman And The Outsiders #10 (2019) variant

Batman Pennyworth RIP #1

Batman Vs Ras Al Ghul #4

Batmans Grave #5

Batmans Grave #5 variant

Catwoman #20 (2018)

Catwoman #20 (2018) variant

DC Dollar Comics Batman #567

DC Dollar Comics Green Lantern Rebirth #1

Dollhouse Family #4

Dollhouse Family #4 variant

Flash #88 (2016)

Flash #88 (2016) variant

Flash Giant #3

Gotham City Monsters #6

Green Lantern Season 2 #1 (2020)

Green Lantern Season 2 #1 (2020) blank variant

Green Lantern Season 2 #1 (2020) variant

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #6

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #6 harley variant

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #6 poison ivy variant

Harley Quinn And The Birds Of Prey #1

Harley Quinn And The Birds Of Prey #1 variant

Hawkman #21 (2018)

Hawkman #21 (2018) variant

House Of Whispers #18

Rwby #5

Rwby #5 variant

Supergirl #39 (2016)

Supergirl #39 (2019) variant

Superman #20 (2018)

Superman #20 (2018) variant

Superman Heroes #1

Terrifics #25

Terrifics #25 variant

Wonder Woman #751

Wonder Woman #751 variant

Marvel Comics

Aero #8

Amazing Spider-Man #39 (2018)

Amazing Spider-Man #39 (2018) larraz gwen stacy variant

Amazing Spider-Man #39 (2018) yuan chinese new year variant

Black Panther And Agents Of Wakanda #6

Black Panther And Agents Of Wakanda #6 nauck gwen stacy variant

Doctor Strange #3 (2019)

Doctor Strange #3 (2019) walker variant

Excalibur #7 (2019)

Excalibur #7 (2019) oliver gwen stacy variant

Gwen Stacy #1

Gwen Stacy #1 campbell variant

Gwen Stacy #1 hidden gem variant

Gwen Stacy #1 lee variant

Gwen Stacy #1 lee virgin variant

Gwen Stacy #1 nauck faces of gwen variant

Gwen Stacy #1 pichelli variant

Gwen Stacy #1 yuan chinese new year variant

Hawkeye Freefall #3

Immortal Hulk #31

Immortal Hulk #31 nakayama gwen stacy variant

Immortal Hulk #31 shaw variant

Iron Man 2020 #2 (2020)

Iron Man 2020 #2 (2020) bianchi connecting variant

Iron Man 2020 #2 (2020) del mundo variant

Iron Man 2020 #2 (2020) lim variant

Iron Man 2020 #2 (2020) superlog heads variant

Jessica Jones Blind Spot #3

Jessica Jones Blind Spot #3 simmonds variant

Magnificent Ms Marvel #11 second print

Marvel Tales Wolverine #1

Marvel Tales Wolverine #1 virgin variant

Marvels Spider-Man Black Cat Strikes #2

Marvels Spider-Man Black Cat Strikes #2 nakayama variant

Marvels X #2

Marvels X #2 well-be variant

Morbius #4 (2019)

Morbius #4 (2019) ryp connecting variant

Nebula #1

Nebula #1 andolfo variant

Nebula #1 lim remastered variant

Nebula #1 robinson variant

Nebula #1 young variant

Ruins Of Ravencroft Carnage #1 second print

Savage Avengers #10

Spirits Ghost Rider Mother Of Demons #1

Spirits Ghost Rider Mother Of Demons #1 hans variant

Spirits Ghost Rider Mother Of Demons #1 kuder design variant

Star Wars Rise Of Kylo Ren #2 second print

Star Wars Rise Of Kylo Ren #3

Star Wars Rise Of Kylo Ren #3 landini variant

Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality #3

Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality #3 lim variant

Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality #3 noto gwen stacy variant

Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality #3 sandoval variant

Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality #3 saviuk variant

Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality #3 yuan connecting variant

Thor #3 (2020)

Thor #3 (2020) brown variant

Thor #3 (2020) keown gwen stacy variant

True Believers Iron Man 2020 Albert & Elsie-Dee #1

True Believers Iron Man 2020 Arno Stark #1

Venom #23 (2018)

Venom #23 (2018) ramos gwen stacy variant

Venom #23 (2018) young variant

Wolverine Claremont & Miller #1 Facsimile Edition

X-Force #7 (2019)

X-Men #6 (2019)

X-Men #6 (2019) brooks dark phoenix 40th variant

X-Men #6 (2019) marvels x variant

Independent Comics

20XX #3

Alienated #1 cover a

Alienated #1 cover b

Alienated #1 mckelvie variant a

Alienated #1 mckelvie variant b

Angela Della Morte #4

Archie 1955 #5 cover a

Archie 1955 #5 cover b

Archie 1955 #5 cover c

Ascender #9

Belle Oath Of Thorns #5 cover a

Belle Oath Of Thorns #5 cover b

Belle Oath Of Thorns #5 cover c

Blackwood Mourning After #1 cover a

Blackwood Mourning After #1 cover b

Bloodshot #6 (2019) cover a

Bloodshot #6 (2019) cover b

Bloodshot #6 (2019) cover c

Bloodshot #6 (2019) cover d

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Angel Hellmouth #5 cover a

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Angel Hellmouth #5 cover b

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Angel Hellmouth #5 frison variant

Carson Of Venus Eye Of Amtor #1 cover a

Carson Of Venus Eye Of Amtor #1 cover b

Clock #2

Criminal Macabre The Big Bleed Out #3

Dejah Thoris #3 (2019) cover a

Dejah Thoris #3 (2019) cover b

Dejah Thoris #3 (2019) cover c

Dejah Thoris #3 (2019) cover d

Dejah Thoris #3 (2019) cover e

Doctor Who 13Th Doctor Season Two #2 cover a

Doctor Who 13Th Doctor Season Two #2 cover b

Doctor Who 13Th Doctor Season Two #2 cover c

Doctor Who 13Th Doctor Season Two #2 cover d

Dragonfly & Dragonflyman #4

Dungeons & Dragons Infernal Tides #2 cover a

Dungeons & Dragons Infernal Tides #2 cover b

Dungeons & Dragons Infernal Tides #2 variant

Ghosted In La #8 cover a

Ghosted In La #8 cover b

Gi Joe #5 (2019) cover a

Gi Joe #5 (2019) variant

Go Go Power Rangers #29 cover a

Go Go Power Rangers #29 cover b

Go Go Power Rangers #29 mad variant

Go Go Power Rangers #29 vidal variant

Grimm Fairy Tales #35 cover a

Grimm Fairy Tales #35 cover b

Grimm Fairy Tales #35 cover c

Grimm Fairy Tales #35 cover d

Gutt Ghost Seek Out Sensation One Shot #1

Ignited #7

James Bond #3 (2019) cover a

James Bond #3 (2019) cheung b&w variant

James Bond #3 (2019) cheung pencil variant

James Bond #3 (2019) cheung tint variant

James Bond #3 (2019) cheung tint virgin variant

James Bond #3 (2019) vintage paperback variant

Lady Mechanika Sangre #5 cover a

Lady Mechanika Sangre #5 cover b

Lady Mechanika Sangre #5 variant

Lola Xoxo Vol 3 #5 cover a

Lola Xoxo Vol 3 #5 cover b

Lola Xoxo Vol 3 #5 cover c

Midnight Sky #4 cover a

Moonshine #16

Napoleon Dynamite Valentines Day Special #1 cover a

Napoleon Dynamite Valentines Day Special #1 cover b

Napoleon Dynamite Valentines Day Special #1 variant

Postal Deliverance #7

Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 third print

Powers In Action #4

Rai #4 (2019) cover a

Rai #4 (2019) cover b

Rai #4 (2019) cover c

Rai #4 (2019) cover d

Rise Of The Tyrant Vol 01 #3

Rising Sun #2 cover a

Rising Sun #2 variant

Robyn Hood Vigilante #4 cover a

Robyn Hood Vigilante #4 cover b

Robyn Hood Vigilante #4 cover c

Robyn Hood Vigilante #4 cover d

Ronin Island #10 cover a

Ronin Island #10 preorder cover

RV9 #4

Sfsx Safe Sex #6

Sonata #8 cover a

Sonata #8 cover b

Star Trek Picard Countdown #2 second print

Star Trek Year Five Valentines Day Special #1

Star Trek Year Five Valentines Day Special #1 variant

Stranger Things Into The Fire #2 cover a

Stranger Things Into The Fire #2 cover b

Stranger Things Into The Fire #2 cover c

Tales From Harrow County Deaths Choir #3 cover a

Tales From Harrow County Deaths Choir #3 cover b

Tank Girl Full Color Classics 1994-1995 #1 cover a

Tank Girl Full Color Classics 1994-1995 #1 cover b

Tank Girl Full Color Classics 1994-1995 #1 cover c

Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #120 deluxe litho variant

Tartarus #1 cover a

Tartarus #1 cover b

Transformers 100 Page Giant Power Predacons

Transformers Valentines Day Special #1

Transformers Valentines Day Special #1 variant

Undone By Blood #1 cover a

Vampirella #3 (1969) Replica Ed

Vampirella Red Sonja #6 (2019) cover a

Vampirella Red Sonja #6 (2019) cover b

Vampirella Red Sonja #6 (2019) cover c

Vampirella Red Sonja #6 (2019) cover d

Vampirella Red Sonja #6 (2019) cover e

Zombie Tramp Ongoing #67 cover a

Zombie Tramp Ongoing #67 cover b

Zombie Tramp Ongoing #67 cover c

Zombie Tramp Ongoing #67 cover d

Zombie Tramp Ongoing #67 cover e

Graphic Novels

Adam Strange The Silver Age Omnibus HC Vol 01

Aero TPB Vol 01 Before The Storm

Age Of Conan TPB Valeria

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Vol 05 Secret Of Petrified Tablet TPB

Animal Man by Grant Morrison Vol 1 TPB

Animosity Vol 05 TPB

At The End Of Your Tether TPB

Avant-Guards TPB Vol 02

Batman The Dark Knight Detective Vol 3 TPB

Beyond Clouds Gn Vol 01

Big Black Stand At Attica TPB

Black Panther HC Visions Of Wakanda

Black Widow Epic Collection TPB Beware Black Widow

Blackhawk Blood & Iron HC

Cottons TPB Vol 01 Secret Of Wind

Daredevil By Bendis & Maleev Omnibus HC Vol 02 New Ptg

Dawn Of X TPB Vol 01

DC Poster Portfolio Joshua Middleton TPB

Doctor Mirage TPB Vol 01

Dreadful Ed & Mary Scary HC

Fantagraphics Studio Ed HC Daniel Clowes

Fantastic Four TPB The End New Ptg

Full Metal Panic Collectors Ed Light Novel HC Vol 1-3

Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Edition Vol 08 HC

Go Go Power Rangers Vol 6 TPB

Harley Quinn And The Gotham Girls TPB

Hulk TPB The End New Ptg

I Survived TPB Vol 01 I Survived Sinking Of Titanic

Jughead Hunger Vs Vampironica TPB

Justice League Corporate Maneuvers TPB

Lab Raider TPB Vol 01

Life Of Captain Marvel Marvel Select HC

Loud TPB

Miles Morales TPB Great Responsibility

Pestilence Complete Series HC

Rat Queens TPB Vol 07 Once & Future King

Reaver TPB Vol 01

She Said Destroy TPB Vol 01

Space Bandits TPB

Spider-Man Miles Morales Omnibus HC

Star Wars Doctor Aphra Vol 7 Rogues End TPB

Star Wars Target Vader TPB

Swamp Thing Tales From The Bayou TPB

Ultimates By Mark Millar & Bryan Hitch Omnibus HC New Ptg

Vadeboncoeur Collection Of Images Vol 06 TPB

Vadeboncoeur Collection Of Images Vol 07 TPB

Vadeboncoeur Collection Of Images Vol 08 TPB

Wes Andersons Isle Of Dogs HC

Whats Michael TPB Vol 01 Fatcat Collection

Wonder Woman By George Perez TPB Vol 04

Zatanna And The House Of Secrets TPB

Cool Stuff

DC Designers Series Harley & Poison Ivy By Luppachino Statue

John Wick Gallery CAtacombs PVC Statue

Star Trek Discovery Figurine & Magazine #22 Stealth Ship

All Ages

B & V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest #278

Billy Batson And Magic Of Shazam TPB Book 01

Boy Who Became A Dragon Bruce Lee Story TPB

Disney Cinderella Story Of Movies In Comics HC

Marvel Action Avengers Book 03 The Fear Eaters TPB

Marvel Action Spider-Man #1 (2020) cover a

Marvel Action Spider-Man #1 (2020) variant

Marvel Action Spider-Man TPB Book 03 Bad Luck

Nightmare Before Christmas Zeros Journey #16

Oggy & The Cockroaches #2 cover a

She-Ra TPB Vol 01 Legend Of Fire Princess

Sonic The Hedgehog #25 (2018) cover a

Sonic The Hedgehog #25 (2018) cover b

Sonic The Hedgehog #25 (2018) variant a

Sonic The Hedgehog #25 (2018) variant b

Sonic The Hedgehog TPB Vol 05 Crisis City

Star Wars Adventures Vol 08 Defend The Republic TPB

Uncle Scrooge #54 (2015) cover a

Uncle Scrooge #54 (2015) variant


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