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The Brave & The Bold: Batman & Wonder Woman - New Hit Girl Series

Marvel Comics big event mini-series gets one step closer this week with the release of Infinity Countdown: Prime #1! Following the recently released Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock one-shot that introduced Warlock and Kang as important characters, this new, 48-page one-shot reveals more of the major players on the cover alone, but the star of the book is unquestionably Wolverine. If you've spotted Logan carrying around a new reformed Infinity Stone in his one-page stories in the back of some of Marvel's recent releases, this book is another piece of the puzzle about what's going on and how he returned to the land of the living!

Also from Marvel, Black Panther Annual #1 features three stories by three legendary Panther writers - Christopher Priest, Reginald Hudlin, Don McGregor, and Doctor Strange: Damnation #1 (of 4) finds the sorcerer getting more than what he bargained for when he tries to restore the city of Las Vegas!

From DC Comics, Batman: Sins of the Father #1 (of 6) is based the acclaimed videogame series from Telltale Games and Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #1 (of 6), written and illustrated by Liam Sharp, involves the duo trying to solve the murder of a Celtic god!

Noteworthy from Image Comics, the all-new Hit-Girl #1 joins last week Kick-Ass #1 as creator Mark Millar moves the two titles over to their new publishing home! Also, Monstress #14, Ice Cream Man #2, Sex Criminals #22, and the return of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso's Moonshine #7!

And, the funny folks at Bongo Comics give us another Simpsons character one-shot with Krusty The Clown #1!

A couple of spotlights this week - The Brave and Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #1 (of 6). I'm a big fan of team-up titles, and I'm happy to see DC Comics is offering up a six-issue mini-series starring almost everyone's favorite Dark Knight and Amazonian Princess! This one is written and drawn by Liam Sharp who recently handled the art chores on Wonder Woman Rebirth. This series should also be fun for those who want to see their super-heroes in an NYPD meets the Game of Thrones kind of setting!

Star Trek The Next Generation: Mirror Broken Softcover - Hard to believe that this terrific IDW mini-series started as an issue #0 for Free Comic Book Day in May of 2017! Yeah, it took a while for it to come out, but it was worth it! Great art and likenesses enhance this story set in the Trek Mirror Universe where a not quite himself Captain Jean-Luc Picard will stop at nothing to get his hands on the Terran Empire's newest starship, the Enterprise-D. And no one had better stand in his way! So there. Also, the door is left open for more to the story, so cross those fingers!


If this stuff isn't in your calendar it should be.

If you aren't attending at least one of our fantastic events then you aren't living life to its fullest. So, take out your favorite pen and mark your Calendars because you don't want to miss out!

Boomerang Book Club

Boomerang Book Club

Trapped inside an old gothic mansion, Deadman must battle the forces of darkness alongside Berenice, a young woman with a complicated love life who is gifted or cursed with the ability to communicate with the dead.
Join us February 24 at 7:00pm!

Every month, Boomerang Comics invites you to celebrate fantastic books with us, right here in the store! Pick up a copy of the chosen book and get it 15% off, then join us for a riveting book discussion!

Boomerang Ladies Night

Boomerang Ladies Night

Ladies, we're at the top of our games! We're right up there with the big dogs! Girls, come on, leave the geekdom to the men? I don't think so.

To celebrate being awesome immortal warriors join us at Boomerang every 3rd Monday of the month! Every month we will be planning something different so stop by the store and see what is going on this month! Eventually, we'll get Wonder Woman to stop by, but she's kind of hard to get a hold of these days. Hope to see you there, sister!

FNM at Boomerang!

FNM at Boomerang!

Join us every Friday night for Friday Night Magic MTG at 7:00pm! Call us for details on entry price and formats!

HeroClix Thursdays @ 7pm

HeroClix Thursdays @ 7pm

Boomerang Comics host tournaments Thursday nights starting at 7pm. All ages from across the universe are welcome to play; players range from spry 10 years olds to slightly less spry 46 year olds!
The basic rules are easy to learn, and we have plenty of extra superheroes and dice for anybody who wants to learn how to play. All new players will take home their very own team of awesome Heroclix superheroes courtesy of Boomerang Comics, as a thank you' for playing. Special events are sometimes held on other dates. No matter where you live, Flower Mound, Coppell or Highland Village, its just a short drive to us. Be sure to check our Facebook events page for schedule updates, and happy gaming!

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures - Wednesdays

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures - Wednesdays

Join us every Wednesday from 6-9pm as we play Star Wars X-Wing Mini's Game! Summer & Winter Leagues when prize support is provided. Stop in as much as you like and play for cool prizes! No lightsabers please, we've had a few mishaps.

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in which players take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE fighters, facing them against each other in fast-paced space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures; the X-Wing Miniatures Game recreates exciting Star Wars space combat throughout its several included scenarios. Select your crew, plan your maneuvers, and complete your mission—remember, use the force!

Check This Out!

Doomsday Clock (of 12)

Doomsday Clock (of 12)

Doomsday Clock is the event that DC Comics has been building to since the DC Universe Rebirth one-shot came out in May of 2016! We already know that writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank are having Batman looking into the files of Rorshach and that Superman is going to confront Doctor Manhattan, but how is THAT going to work? Shouldn't the big, blue naked guy (who probably WON'T be naked) be able to overpower Supes by rearranging his atoms or something? (see left) However it plays out, we definitely think it's going to be interesting and (maybe) something we've never seen before! We're actually more curious to see how the story will play out over the course of a year (and what exactly is Manhattan's motivation for screwing around with the DCU anyway?), but we're really looking forward to the ride!

Star Wars Thrawn #1

Star Wars Thrawn #1

One of the most cunning and ruthless minds in all of the Star Wars, Grand Admiral Thrawn is back with his own six-issue miniseries! Written by Jody Houser (ROGUE ONE ADAPTATION) and drawn by Luke Ross (STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS ADAPTATION), follow the comic adaptation of Timothy Zahns New York Times best selling novel about Thrawns rise in the Imperial ranks, on his way to becoming one of the most feared military tacticians in the galaxy far, far away!

Dark Nights Metal (of 6)

Dark Nights Metal (of 6)

The New 52 Batman team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo reunite for this ambitious, universe-spanning event! The first issue begins when the Justice League discovers that there is a Dark Multiverse that is going to invade our universe, and the first wave of that attack will be a set of heavy-hitting emissaries - each of them the embodiment of Batman's worst nightmares about himself! And, the only way to stop them is by using Nth metal, one of the rarest and most mysterious substances in the DCU - but that is present in trace amounts in the origins of dozens of supernatural occurrences and superhero origin stories throughout the DC Universe! AND, the last page will definitely be talked about throughout fandom!

Magic MTG Rivals of Ixalan

Magic MTG Rivals of Ixalan

Magic Rivals of Ixalan is the newest MTG Magic the Gathering expansion, and the second in the Ixalan block! Available in Booster Packs which feature 15 cards including a guaranteed rare or mythic rare, Planeswalker Decks that are perfect for new players and Bundles that are great for building our your collection!

Star Wars Destiny

Star Wars Destiny

Join us at Boomerang as we role our weekly battles of SW Destiny!
In every game of Star Wars: Destiny, you will gather your small team of iconic characters and battle to defeat your foes, using your dice and the cards in your deck. The last player with characters left standing wins the game, but to successfully outmaneuver your opponent, you will need to carefully consider your options and enhance your deck with new dice and cards. If you ever wondered who would win a duel between two teams of heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe, theres no better way to find out than with Star Wars: Destiny.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Ultra Prism

Pokemon Sun & Moon Ultra Prism

The Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Ultra Prism includes over 150 cards, 10 new Pokemon-GX, 18 new Trainer cards and 3 new Special Energy card! The new Prism Star cards will change the way you play and are so powerful you can only have one in each of your decks!
Boomerang will have plenty of packs, booster boxes, theme decks, Elite Trainers and launch box! We also play every Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm so stop by and join us!

New This Week!

DC Comics

American Way Those Above And Below #6

Aquaman #33 vol 6

Aquaman #33 vol 6 variant

Batman #41 vol 3

Batman #41 vol 3 variant

Batman And The Signal #2

Batman Sins Of The Father #1

Batman Sins Of The Father #1 variant

Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #4

Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #4 variant

Batwoman #12 vol 3

Batwoman #12 vol 3 variant

Bombshells United #12

Brave & The Bold Batman & Wonder Woman #1

Cave Carson Swamp Thing Special #1

Damage #1 vol 2 second print

Damage #2

Deathbed #1

Future Quest Presents #7

Future Quest Presents #7 variant

Green Lanterns #41

Green Lanterns #41 variant

Harley Quinn #38 vol 3

Harley Quinn #38 vol 3 variant

Injustice 2 #20

Justice League #39 vol 4

Justice League #39 vol 4 variant

Nightwing #39 vol 3

Nightwing #39 vol 3 variant

Super Sons #13

Super Sons #13 variant

Superman #41 vol 4

Superman #41 vol 4 variant

Trinity #18 vol 2

Trinity #18 vol 2variant

Wonder Woman Conan #6

Wonder Woman Conan #6 lopresti variant

Wonder Woman Conan #6 reis variant

Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man #796

Astonishing X-Men #8 vol 2

Avengers #676 second print

Avengers #681

Avengers #681 bradshaw connecting variant

Black Panther Annual #1

Black Panther Annual #1 variant

Daredevil #599

Deadpool Vs Old Man Logan #5

Deadpool Vs Old Man Logan #5 variant

Defenders #10 vol 4

Defenders #10 vol 4 hulk variant

Doctor Strange Damnation #1

Doctor Strange Damnation #1 connecting variant

Doctor Strange Damnation #1 garron young guns

Generation X #87 vol 2

Incredible Hulk #713

Incredible Hulk #713 deodato hulk variant

Infinity Countdown Prime #1

Infinity Countdown Prime #1 logan cover

Luke Cage #170

Mighty Thor #704

Mighty Thor #704 hulk variant

Monsters Unleashed #11 vol 2

Old Man Hawkeye #1 second print

Punisher Platoon #6

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #17

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #17 galactic icon luke variant

Tales Of Suspense #102

Venom #160 second print

Venom #162

Venom #162 poison x variant

X-Men Gold #22

Independent Comics

Alters #10

Archies #5 cover a

Archies #5 cover b

Archies #5 cover c

Belle Beast Hunter #2 cover a

Belle Beast Hunter #2 cover b

Birthright #30

Bloodborne #1 cover a

Bloodborne #1 cover b

Blue Baron #1

Blue Baron #2

Brilliant Trash #4

Bsg Vs Bsg #2 cover a

Bsg Vs Bsg #2 cover b

Bsg Vs Bsg #2 cover c

Bsg Vs Bsg #2 cover d

Catalyst Prime Summit #3

Catalyst Prime Superb #7

Comic Book History Of Comics Comics For All #3 cover a

Comic Book History Of Comics Comics For All #3 cover b

Days Of Hate #1 second print

Dept H #23

Descender #27 cover a

Descender #27 cover b

Empowered & Sistah Spookys High School Hell #3

Eternal Empire #7

Evolution #4

Family Trade #5

Fence #4

Further Adventures Of Nick Wilson #2 cover a

Further Adventures Of Nick Wilson #2 cover b

Gears Of War Rise Of Raam #2 cover a

Gears Of War Rise Of Raam #2 cover b

Gears Of War Rise Of Raam #2 variant

Grimm Fairy Tales Grimm Tales Of Terror Vol 3 #12 cover a

Grimm Fairy Tales Grimm Tales Of Terror Vol 3 #12 cover b

Grimm Fairy Tales Grimm Tales Of Terror Vol 3 #12 cover c

Heathen #6

Hellboy & Bprd 1955 Burning Season One Shot

Hit-Girl #1 vol 2 cover a

Hit-Girl #1 vol 2 cover b

Hit-Girl #1 vol 2 cover c

Hit-Girl #1 vol 2 cover d

Horizon #18

Ice Cream Man #2 cover a

Ice Cream Man #2 cover b

James Bond M special

James Bond The Body #2 cover a

James Bond The Body #2 cover b variant

Jim Henson Storyteller Fairies #3

Jim Henson Storyteller Fairies #3 subscription

Kid Lobotomy #5 cover a

Kid Lobotomy #5 cover b

Kill Or Be Killed #15 second print

Kiss #1 black cat

Kong On Planet Of Apes #4

Kong On Planet Of Apes #4 connecting variant

Kong On Planet Of Apes #4 subscription

Lazarus Sourcebook #3

Lucas Stand Inner Demons #1

Maestros #5

Mata Hari #1

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #24 vol 4

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #24 vol 4 action figure

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #24 vol 4 variant a

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #24 vol 4 variant b

Monstress #14

Moonshine #7 cover a

Moonshine #7 cover b

Multiple Warheads Ghost Throne One-Shot

Musketeers #1 cover a

Musketeers #1 cover b

Musketeers #1 cover c

Ninjak Vs Vu #2 cover a

Ninjak Vs Vu #2 cover b

Ninjak Vs Vu #2 cover c

Postal Mark #1

Princeless Raven Year 2 #5

Pumpkinhead #1 cover a

Pumpkinhead #1 cover b

Pumpkinhead #1 cover c

Punks Not Dead #1 cover a

Punks Not Dead #1 cover b

Punks Not Dead #1 variant

Quake Champions #3 cover a

Quake Champions #3 cover b

Quantum & Woody #3 vol 3 cover a

Quantum & Woody #3 vol 3 cover b

Red Sonja #13 vol 7 cover a

Red Sonja #13 vol 7 cover b

Red Sonja #13 vol 7 cover c

Red Sonja #13 vol 7 cover d

Redlands #6

Regression #7

Rivers Of London #4

Sex Criminals #22

Sex Criminals #22 variant

Startup #1

Startup #2

Taarna #1 cover a

Taarna #1 cover b

Telepathetic #1

Tremendous Trump Retromastered Edition

Twisted Romance #3

Vampblade Season Two #12 cover a

Vampblade Season Two #12 cover b

Vampblade Season Two #12 cover c

Vampirella #10 vol 5 cover a

Vampirella #10 vol 5 cover b

Vampirella #10 vol 5 cover c

Vampirella #10 vol 5 cover d

Vinegar Teeth #2

Wrapped Up #5

Wrapped Up #5 wrap cover

WWE #14

WWE #14 action figure Var

WWE #14 raw connecting Var

WWE #14 ultimate warrior cover

Z-People #1

Z-People #1 variant

Graphic Novels

All New Wolverine Vol 05 Orphans of X TPB

Astonishing X-Men TPB Vol 01 Life Of X

Cable & X-Force TPB Onslaught Rising

Dc Universe By Neil Gaiman TPB

Excalibur Epic Collection Cross-Time Caper TPB

Flashpoint Unwrapped HC

Ghost Station Zero TPB

Invader Zim Vol 5 TPB

Invincible Iron Man Ironheart TPB Vol 01 Riri Williams

Marvel legacy HC

Mother Panic TPB Vol 02 Under Her Skin

Rebels These Free & Independent States TPB

Relic Of The Dragon HC

Robin Year One Deluxe Edition HC

Runaways Vol 09 Dead Wrong TPB

Secret Warriors TPB Vol 02 If Trouble Must Come

Star Trek the Next Generation Mirror Broken TPB

Superman President Luthor TPB New Ed

The Beatles Story HC

Uber TPB vol 6

Young Justice TPB Book 02

Cool Stuff

Marvel Gallery ASM Homcoming PVC Figure

Marvel Gallery Marvel Now Cap America PVC Figure

All Ages

Adventure Time Comics #20

Adventure Time Comics #20 subscription

Best Of Archie Comics Betty & Veronica TPB Vol 02

Krusty The Clown #1

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #63 cover a

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #63 cover b

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #63 variant

Popeye Great Comic Book Tales TPB

Rugrats #5

Rugrats #5 subscription

Sami Samurai Squirrel Welcome To Woodbriar Gn

Tangled #1 cover a

Tangled #1 cover b

Tangled #1 variant

Teen Titans Go #26


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