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He said, she said, and now you say!

Before Watchmen: Rorschach #1


by: Natasha

I have to admit, I was really looking forward to reading Rorschach #1 while still being very apprehensive about it at the same time. There's no doubt that Rorschach is the greatest and most loved character from the Watchmen universe - hell, a lot of people would argue that he's one of the greatest comic characters in general. So, needless to say, it would have been a shame to see this character written poorly, which ... [ Click for more ]

Scarlet Spider #1

New title that spins out of Spider Island!

by: Ethan Harmon

Scarlet Spider is back. Now, get those groans out of your system and continue reading this review, because you are in for a few surprises. This comic follows Peter Parkerís clone, Kaine. This troubled clone, who has recently appeared in the Spider Island event, has a new lease on life. You see, Kaine was slowly dying from cellular degeneration, but because of the events of Spider Island, he is now fully cured. Only k... [ Click for more ]

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Aquaman #3

DC New 52

by: Ethan Harmon

I realize that there are many out there who still see Aquaman as the Ken doll who talked to fish and fought alongside the Super Friends, and that is unfortunate considering the character has a rich history. Geoff Johns knows this, crafting Aquaman into one of the most interesting characters of the new DCU and making one of the best comics in the new line-up. Aquaman is a stellar comic book and a must-have for any DC ... [ Click for more ]

Batgirl #3

DC New52

by: Ethan Harmon

For those of you who do not already know, Barbara Gordon has gotten her legs back! Thats right; Oracle is walking again and fighting crime as her old alias, Batgirl. Now, this may seem like a bit of a stretch to some, but Gail Simone has worked wonders on this comic thus far. Simone, who has a wanted to write this comic for a while, has crafted a very personal story for Barbara, giving her much needed depth for her c... [ Click for more ]

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #4

Never been better!

by: Ethan Harmon

The death of Peter Parker has received a lot of criticism from fans. The introduction of Miles Morales has received even more criticism, hitting the headlines of major newspapers and filling internet forums. With this in mind, let me be the first to tell you that the new Ultimate Spider-man series is amazing! Brian Bendis has just started the journey for Miles, but I am already hooked. Miles starts off as an inner... [ Click for more ]

Once Upon A Time

Card Game Review!

by: Kevin Self

Number of Players: 1-8 (best 6 players or less)?Playing Time: Approximately 20 minutes?Suggested Ages: 13+

Once Upon a Time is a group storytelling card game. Each player, called a storyteller, is dealt out a number of cards, each representing an element or idea from a traditional fairy tale. Example cards might be a prince, a troll, or an action card such as stolen or enchanted. Each player is also dealt a H... [ Click for more ]

Uncanny X-Force #1

Perfect creative team for this book!

by: John Wimmer

When I heard of the new creative team for this incarnation of X-Force, I have to admit I was eagerly anticipating this issue. When I saw it was Rick Remender and Jerome Opena, I just knew this would be a great book. If Remender writes anything, I am buying it. This is the duo that brought us great stories in Fear Agent. From what I know, Remender has not spent much time playing in the X-Universe but he definitely ... [ Click for more ]

The Stuff of Legend: The Jungle

The Stuff of Legend lives up to its name

by: Josh Raybuck

I just got finished reading Chapter 2 of The Stuff of Legend Vol. 2: The Jungle. This is the 4th issue to date, and this book continues to impress. If you are not reading it, you are severely missing out. I am typically a superhero comic fan, but the art sold me on buying this initially. Of course, the art is fantastic, but the writing is just as good.

The characters are all very well developed, and I ser... [ Click for more ]

Absolute All-Star Superman

Superman is Dying

by: Kevin Self

Superman is Dying

Impossible as it seems, thats the premise of the book. Superman is tricked into exposing himself to a lethal dose of solar radiation. With only a few days to live, and in tragically failing health, he struggles to set right the remaining things only the Man of Steel can. Between battles we see his humanity, as he tries to reveal his true identity to Lois Lane and says goodbye to the people i... [ Click for more ]



by: Ed Greenberg

This is a very special book. Forget anything you may have read about DV8 and Wildstorm in general. Read it as if you had never read one of those books before, and you get an amazing first issue in the vein of Michael Crichtons Timeline, but with Super Powers. What a great premise to put a group of beings with powers through. The art is outstanding, and I have to agree with DCs execs who said that Rebekah Isaacs is go... [ Click for more ]